Exposure to environmental factors, pain and emotional stress can tax the immune system
ACUPUNCTURE, TCM and BIO-ENERGETIC MEDICINE can help strengthen the body and improve well-being

Please read our important SAFETY PROCEDURES page for important details prior to booking.

One Visitor * Wear Mask (for purchase, if needed) * Temp Check * Symptom Review * Hand Sanitizer (provided)


Rated 5/5 Stars on Facebook and Google

"I first watched Jen give a very informative presentation on cupping, and decided to give it a shot. The atmosphere was cozy with multiple rooms. After telling her my issues, we went into the larger of the rooms to start cupping on my back. She favors fire over using a suction machine while making sure my comfort came first. She gave a quick massage which felt great, put numerous cups on my back, then finished with another quick massage. The cupping (and massage... I felt) was a relaxing experience which I highly recommend. Thanks a lot Jen!"

Sean Johnson, JRT Fit, Sean Ruins Fitness Podcast
Five Star Google Review, 2017


Thank you 4
Note from patient with shoulder pain following cupping treatment.


Thank You Jen
Note from 8 year old following a treatment for skin inflammation.


Jen has an amazing energy and absolutely knows how to help people. Thank you Jen and Dr. Andrew!

Five Star Google Review, 2018


Davies Thank You
After consultation and scan for digestion issues to pinpoint allergies.


JB Thank you text
Patient followup after acupuncture treatment.



"Thank you, Jen. I have been pain free since my crystal appointment last week. I will be back soon." 
- Female with 12 year old Fibromyalgia diagnosis

Distance Healing
From patient following a distance healing​​​​​.


"Jen did an energy cleansing on my home recently. Shortly after the death of a relative, I was suffering from insomnia and depression. Additionally, my child was having nightmares and reporting strange occurrences. The energy felt fantastic after she left and sleep improved dramatically in my home. In a matter of weeks since I have received a new, wonderful job suited to my schedule, I feel more balanced than I have been in years. I believe the clearing helped my family transition through the difficult period and open up a pathway to these new opportunities. I feel very blessed. God is Good!"
- A nurse with a new life

"So, I had surgery on my vocal chords years ago and was no longer able to sing. During my crystal bed appointment, I heard a voice tell me to open my mouth. They fixed my vocal chords. I can sing again."
- New church choir member

*Patient later reported solo singing performances with the local orchestra for company events.


"It makes me feel like angels are holding me"
- 7 year old boy following a Color Light Therapy Session


angel pic
*A picture of angels drawn after an 8 year old girls crystal session. Notice the dog angel.


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$98 New
$78 Followup


$178 Tx with 2 Photos

Aura Photos
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$50 Each Photo

Auricular Therapy



$50 Scan
$78 Scan with Tx

Chinese Medicine TCM


Cupping Treatment


Angel Connection

$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute

Dry Needling

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Energy Healing

$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute


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$98 for 90 minute
$78 for 60 minute

Intuitive Guidance

$50 for 30 minutes


$333 One Session


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