Acupuncture and Herbs
Gentle insertion of a thin needle to achieve peak body balance and fluidity of movement\

Aura Photography
Specialized biofeedback unit to visually capture the energy field surrounding the body
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An innovative combination of therapies used as a visual measurement of transformational health

Auricular Therapy
Mild stimulation of acupuncture points located on the ear can treat any part of the body distally

Body Health Scans -Quantum
Advanced technology used to scan and assess the body's overall health within scientific ranges, recognize changes in the health patterns. This is provides and informational health base-line.

Chinese Medicine - TCM
Ancient forms of healing including Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua-Sha and Chinese Nutrition

Also known as Crystal Bath Healing, Crystal Light Healing and Psychic Surgery

Connect with the Entities of Light, creating and extraordinary spiritual experience and an extraordinary life
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Recognize and release old patterns and habits that no longer serve your journey

Preparing both parents for healthy conception by connecting with sub-conscious mind and removing blockages

Biofeedback Scanning - Hunter 
New Bio-Feedback system that works by stimulating and adjusting energetic frequencies for optimum wellness

Past Life Regression PLR
Examine significant historical experiences in your soul's memory with can provide understanding for your life path and future benefit

Quantum Healing QHHT
Experience deep and immediate form of personal awareness and healing developed by the late, world-loved, Dolores Cannon